Discovery Child Development Centers: Qualifications
September 2009 - Office of the Director

M i s s i o n   S t a t e m e n t   a n d   P h i l o s o p h y
"Discovery's Mission is to provide high-quality care and education to children from six weeks of age up to twelve years by incorporating the best research and knowledge of development and health, and to support parents by providing their children with a loving, nurturing environment by being accessible to discuss their children's need and by offering services at competitive prices."

Discovery's Policy Statements
It is the philosophy of Discovery that children learn and develop from their environment; that a positive environment filled with nurturing adults, stimulating activities and age appropriate, challenging educational stimulants is of immeasurable benefit to children, their families and the community.

For anyone with specific communication needs, or who may require any special assistance, we are more than happy to provide help in any way that we can. Please inform the facility's Director at any Center of your circumstances. Alternatively, you can call Nannette or Mike Boyce at 382-0338, or visit one of them in person at Discovery II, 3300 Del Rey Boulevard.

  • To exhibit health social and emotional growth
  • To provide - personnel who are open and easy for parents to communication with
  • To provide - parents a feeling of confidence that their children are being care for in the best possible manner
  • To provide - parents satisfaction with the cost of care their children receive

"Information is only released personally to a parent and/or legal guardian, or by appropriate written consent of parent and/or legal guardian."

  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To have:
    • A timely application process
    • A timely initiation of services
    • My concerns addressed by management
    • Rights explained verbally and, if requested, in private
  • To be included in decisions regarding services to my child
  • To be provided with:
    • A Parent Handbook
    • A weekly Menu Calendar
    • Assistance in dispensing of medications
    • Assistance with any communication need
  • To review my child's records
  • To feel our needs are addressed
  • To be informed of:
    • The grievance process
    • My child's behaviors
    • The hours that services are available
    • Any accident involving my child
    • Consequences of refusing recommended service or advice